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FACULTY - Embedding Video from Google Drive into Blackboard Course



Problem or Question:

I cannot upload videos I have created for my class to Blackboard because of space and file size limitations for uploads.



Google Drive

Solution or Answer:

You can upload the file into Google Drive and then embed the video into Blackboard.

1. Open Word or Notepad application in another window. You will need to have this open in order to hold your file location information in a later step.

2. Upload your file to your Google Drive.

3. Locate the file in Google Drive and right-click on it and select 'Open with - Google Drive Viewer.'


4. In the open file, move to the top right and click Share.


5. In the Sharing settings window, next to Private-, click Change...

change private.png

6. In Sharing settings, click "Anyone with the link."


share anyone with link.png

7. SAVE.

8. Go to the File menu and click "Embed Link ..."

embed link.png

9.  In the Embed link text box, select and copy the HTML code.

copy html.png

10.  Click OK to close the window.

11.  Move to the Word or Notepad document that you opened in Step # 1 and paste the code there.

12.  You can close your Drive document at this time if you wish.


Paste Link into Blackboard.

A. Go to your Blackboard Content Area.

B. Inside the Text Box editor, from any area of Blackboard, click on the HTML editor (you might have to expand your tools on the right side of the Text Editor window).

textbox editor button.png

C. Paste your embed code in the HTML pop up window and click Update when done.

textbox editor popup.png


D. You will be back in the Blackboard editing window. Submit your changes and view your video right inside the window!

viewing embeded file in bb.png

Important Note: If you have not captioned your video content, provide a transcript with it for accessibility.


Submitted by Meg Wright meg.wright@csueastbay.edu

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