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Transfer Data from Old Mac Account to New Mac Account



Problem or Question:

Received a new Mac and want to transfer all the files from the old user's account



Solution or Answer:

1) Log on as an administrator (ITWSupport).

Note: If account is not available, let the user log on using the old user account, then create a new ITWsupport admin account.

2) Select and "Get info" of the old user's folder to be transferred to the new user folder.

3) Under the "Name and Extension" of the old user info window, change the old name to the new name folder (Sonny . .. short name only)

4) Close the window and enter Admin password to acknowledge the change.

5) Click System Preferences => Users & Groups from  and create the new user admin account

  • Click on the lock icon to unlock the key
  • Click "+" to create a new account.

6) Type in the full name, then "account name" should match the folder name.

  • Enter password and Hint
  • Click "Create User" button

7) Click "Use Existing Folder" when a window pops out saying" The users folder already contains . . . " This takes a minute or so to transfer the profile.

8) Log in as a the new user to check if all the files from the previous user was moved.

Note: If a keychain warning window pops out , click "continue log on"

9) Delete old user account from the System Preferences => Users & Groups window.


Submitted by Sonny Mamaril sonny.mamaril@csueastbay.edu

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13th September 2013 01:56:17 pm

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Sonny Mamaril

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