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Professor Creating Appointment Slots for Office Hours



Problem or Question:

How can I create appointment slots for my office hours?


Google Calendar

Solution or Answer:


Creating appointment slots involves two processes:

a. Creating the appointment.

b. Providing the link to your students with the appointment slots.

Creating the Appointment

1. Sign in to your Google Calendar account.

2. Select Week or Day view.  The appointment slots can't be created when you're using any of the other Calendar views.

3. In the Calendar grid, click the day and time for the appointment slots. In the Event bubble that pops up, click Appointment slots, make sure your calendar is selected and then click Edit details.


4.  The appointment slots details page appears. Following the instructions provided on the page, enter:

  • Title: Enter a short title for the appointment slots, like "Professor Brown’s Office Hours."
  • Time Block: set the time during which the appointment slots will occur
  • Repeat: to make the appointment block repeat just like any other calendar event.
  • Type: Offer as a single appointment OR Offer as slots of X minutes. Choose the duration for each appointment (in minutes) in the dropdown box.
  • Where: a location
  • Description: a description if title isn't self-explanatory.



5.  If other people are to be at all the appointment slots, they can be invited using the Add Guests field. For instance, a professor may want her/his TA present. Note: Guests will have all the appointment slots on their calendars and will receive email invitations to every individual appointment in the block of time and will receive an email each time an appointment is reserved. It might be cleaner to create a parallel event/meeting with that person to avoid cluttering their calendar and email, unless they need to know the individuals who are booked for each slot.

If the appointments are to be in one of the campus conference rooms, the room can also be added as a guest.




6. Copy and paste the appointment page's URL listed at the top of the event details page into an email message or post to Blackboard before you save this appointment.



10. Click Save to complete the process.

11. If you added any guests, such as your TA, you can send them an invitation when given that option. Please note that this invitation is not being sent to your students.

12.  Your calendar will now show the appointment slots as a block of time. When an appointment slot is selected, you will receive an email and your calendar view changes from showing the block of time as a whole to also showing the individual slots that have been booked with the name of the person added to the event title. This does not depend on the invitee having shared his/her calendar.




Clicking on the event opens a balloon also shows who responded to this specific slot. The Edit Event view shows the person who took the slot under “Guests”.


Providing the Link to Your Students with the Appointment Slots

You can provide the link to your students via email message or post it to Blackboard. You can alway open your appointment slot and copy the url link again. See above step #6 for the location of the link.

Submitted by Dylan McClintock dylan.mcclintock@csueastbay.edu

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