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Print Multi-Page Unofficial Transcript in Firefox



Problem or Question:

Only the first page of my unofficial transcripts in MyCSUEB prints.




Solution or Answer:

Step 1. Bring your unofficial transcript into view in My.CSUEB. 

Step 2. Right click and "Select All" or if you do not want all pages to print, left-click and select the desired print area.

Step 3. On the Firefox menu choose Print or using the Menu bar, select File > Print.

firefox print.png

Step 4. In the Print Frames area, make sure to check "The selected frame."

Step 5. Click "OK" to print.

selected frame.png




Submitted by Sadaf Hajaghasi sadaf.hajaghasi@csueastbay.edu

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29th April 2013 04:22:10 pm

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Sadaf Hajaghasi

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