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Syncing Documents in BayCloud



Problem or Question:

The file I see in BayCloud is not latest version.

Solution or Answer:

Step 1. Click “Show hidden icons” in the bottom right system tray.

hidden icons.png

Step 2. Locate the Sync Center icon.

sync center icon.png

Step 3. Right-click on the Sync Center icon and select Open Sync Center.

open sync center.png

Step 4. When the window opens you will see a message indicating the “conflicts” or files that have not synced. Click on message.


Step 5. Right click on the file that you want to sync and select “View options to resolve..”

view options.png

Step 6. The options will show whether there is a different date stamp on the files and ask which you want to keep.

Step 7. Click on the version you want to keep, or both.

different versions.png

Step 8. When all of the conflicts have been resolved, close the sync window.


Submitted by Sajjad Bidar sajjad.bidar@csueastbay.edu

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29th June 2015 04:16:19 pm

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Sajjad Bidar

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