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In Chrome I got this message when trying to get into PeopleSoft: "We've detected that your browser version is not supported by this website. You can continue to use it, however many of the newer features might not work as expected. For best results, use one of the following browsers: Internet Explorer 7.0 and above or Mozilla Firefox 3.5 and above." Does this mean that I cannot use PeopleSoft with Chrome?



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As of October 2012, PeopleTools 8.51 is not certified with Chrome. Most functions of PeopleSoft will work but sometimes there may be a function that does not work. PeopleTools 8.52 and above will be certified for Chrome; however, that may not be implemented on campus until summer 2013.

Submitted by Vivian Reed vivian.reed@csueastbay.edu

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31st December 2012 05:51:44 pm

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Vivian Reed

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