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Problem or Question:

How do I keep the ribbon options viewable? When I’m working, the “File” tab is highlighted. When I want to format a cell, I click on the “Home” tab, make my changes, and when I exit the cell, it collapses, hiding the options.


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Solution or Answer:

Your Excel ribbon is collapsed so it just appears as if the File tab is your default tab. Whether the ribbon is collapsed on expanded, the File tab will always appear in the same color. Below are pictures of what you will see when the Ribbon is collapsed and expanded.


collapsed_ribbon.png       expanded_ribbon.png

Double-click on any of the tabs to expand the Ribbon so that all tabs are in view all the time.

You can also accomplish this by using the Expand and Minimize button in the top right-hand corner of the window.

expand ribbon.png


The Ribbon was minimized. When the Ribbon is minimized and you click on a Tab, the Ribbon will collapse again. The ribbon may have been collapsed in error when a ribbon tab was double-clicked.

This YouTube shows is a good demo of how it seems that the File tab is the default tab and how to display the ribbon by double-clicking on the tabhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VXElBxJLtpg

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