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How to view a submitted assignment in Blackboard



Problem or Question:

How do I submit an assignment or view a submitted assignment in Blackboard?



Solution or Answer:

Student Instructions:

1. Log in to Blackboard and go to the appropriate course

2. Go to the area where the Turnitin assignment is located (Course Materials, etc.)

3. Click on the “"View/Complete" link for the Turnitin assignment

4. Fill in the Name fields (if they are not already filled out) and the submission title

5. Attach your file by clicking the “Browse” button, locating your file and attaching it

6. Click “Submit”

7. The document will be displayed, check to make sure it is the document you want to submit, and click the “Yes, Submit” button.

Note: If the displayed document is not what you want to submit, click the “no, go back” button and follow steps 6 to 8.

8. You will see a digital receipt of your submission after you successfully submit your paper.

Submitted by Mrinal Pathak mrinal.pathak@csueastbay.edu

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30th November 2012 03:45:31 pm

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