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Mail Merge in Gmail



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How do I do a mail merge in Gmail?



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It may be helpful to view this video tutorial on how to conduct a mail merge as you read the following instructions:


1. Using Google Drive, create a spreadsheet including the information you would like personalized in each email.  (You can use an Excel spreadsheet but it must be converted into a Google spreadsheet first)


2. Have each column represent a category of information. For example, as seen below, the first column represents recipient's first names, followed by last names, department, and lastly, email address.


Step 3. Return to Gmail, and compose your message, and include a subject. The fields in the body of the text which you would like merged must be typed in the email as so: <<>>. After doing so, save the message as a draft.

You can close the email once it has been saved as a draft. It will be saved automatically.

composed messege.png

Step 4. In the spreadsheet document, click Tools and open the Script Gallery.

script gallery.png

Step 5. In the search box type in "Yet Another Mail Merge", and install the script.

yet another mail merge.png

Step 6. Authorize the use of this script.

must authorize.png

Step 7. Grant Access

grant access.png

Close the window when it has been installed.

Step 8. Now, a Mail Merge option will appear on the spreadsheet toolbar. Click on it, and select Standard Mail Merge.

standard merge.png

Step 9. A pop up window will appear prompting you to select a template to begin the mail merge. Click on the title/subject of the draft that you had previously saved. If you would like to receive a copy of each email that is sent in the merge, check the box. Otherwise, click Send Mails.


When completed, the pop up window will state that the merge is done, and a new column will be created on the document with a status of each message sent.


When the Merge Status is "done" and confirmed the mail has been sent already and you can discard the draft that had been saved. 


Note: Please take notice that there will be additional information following the sender's address in the emails that have been sent using the mail merge. It may look similar to the image below. This is because you used the "Yet Another Mail Merge" script, which is a third party service used to generate the merge, and is safe since it is a service provided by Google itself. 

kb via mailmerge.jpg

For further instructions please visit:


Submitted by Natally Servino natally.servino@csueastbay.edu

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