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Problem or Question:

How Can I get the VCL to work with my MAC OS?


Mac OS X 10.x.x

Solution or Answer:

Go to https://vcl.calstate.edu/vcl/

You should then see login screen for the Virtual Computing Lab [VCL] . Login to the VCL with your NetID and password.  

After you log into the VCL, you will then be presented with the following screen where you can reserve a VCL image.

To make a reservation,

1. Click on New Reservation

2. Choose the VCL image you wish to reserve. Options will vary from person to person.

3. Choose “Now” or a later date and time and pick the duration from the drop down list to create the reservation.

4. Click on the “Create Reservation” button to complete the reservation. You will then be given an estimated time for when the image will be ready to be accessed.  

5. Click on Current Reservations

6. Click on the “Connect!” button to load the VCL image.

Important Note: If you have a block reservation, you must still setup a “New Reservation”. A block reservation means that we have reserved a group of sessions for use during a specified time. These sessions have been preloaded with the requested image/software. You must still click on New Reservation and select the image that has been blocked to you during your arranged time.

It is important to notice that the UserID is your own NetID, but the password will be different. Please write this password down on a piece of paper as the “Copy and Paste” feature does not consistently work.

A Mac needs a Windows Remote Desktop Client Software. If RDP client is not present on your MAC, you can download it from Microsoft website,

1. Goto: http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=24596

2. Click ‘save File ’ to save the file

3. Double-click the file to run it.

4. Install the program by clicking NEXT, and Finish Install.

After the Mac has a Windows RPD client Present on the machine you can download the RDP file format from the VCL Web site.

1. Click  “Get RDP File”

2. Click “Get RDP File”

3. Download the RDP file to your MAC or somewhere that will be easy to find.

4. Double Click  the RDP file. [The File will be named the VCL environment. ]

5. Click on the “ok” when prompted to make a Remote Desktop Connection to the session requested. 

Note: the default selection is on Cancel so you must click with your mouse on ‘ok’.

6. Type the VCL IP address that you were given on the Connect Screen

[example: 137.145.XX.XXX ]

7. Click on Connect

8. Type your NetID and the password that was provided to you by the VCL web page (not your normal NetID password.)

You should then see your VCL desktop. You can then run applications as you would normally run them on your computer. You can even save files to locally connected drives as hard-drive, flash drive which are visible by clicking on ‘My Computer’. The OTHER would be your local MAC drive or a USB both you can save to.

Note: To exit the VCL, click on Start, then click on Logoff. Click on Log Off to close the VCL image session. Return to the main Virtual Computer Lab Webpage in your web browser. Click on Logout and click Yes to confirm logging completely out of the VCL. Close all of the browsers windows to Exit Completely


MAC OS X based computers need to have a Windows Remote Desktop Client installed in order to access VCL.

For a more detailed guide, please see attached document.

Submitted by Alexander Patterson alexander.patterson@csueastbay.edu

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