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Security Warning Message Pops Up in MyCSUEB



Problem or Question:

I receive a Security Warning when using MyCSUEB

Message: “Do you want to view only the webpage content that was delivered securely?”


Internet Explorer 8.x

Solution or Answer:

Enable “Mixed Content” in Internet Explorer

Note: Using Mozilla Firefox is also a supported workaround.

1. Open Internet Explorer

2. Go to Tools > Internet Options > Security

3. Select the ‘Security’ tab

4. Select the “Internet” zone, as shown below, then click the ‘Custom Level’ button


5. In the ‘Miscellaneous’ section locate “Display mixed content” and change from Prompt to Enable


6. Repeat steps #4 and #5 for the “Local Intranet” zone.

7. Select OK twice, once for Security Settings and once for Internet Options


Mixed Content setting causes the pop up warning to be displayed.

Submitted by Marie Kemper marie.kemper@csueastbay.edu

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Last Updated
29th August 2013 05:43:43 pm

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Marie Kemper

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