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Opening Excel Workbooks in Two Separate Windows



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How can I open two Excel Workbooks in separate windows?


Office 2007 Office 2010

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Unlike previous versions of Excel, you cannot open workbooks in separate windows from within the same Excel instance (program). To see two workbooks in separate windows you must open a separate Excel instance (start Excel a second time from the Start menu or from a shortcut on your desktop) and then open the second file from within that second Excel window. Depending on the complexity of your workbooks, opening two instances of the Excel program may slow down the performance of your processes.

Alternatively, you can view two workbooks in the same window by arranging the view of your open workbook windows from the View toolbar. Information on this can be found at:


Submitted by Vivian Reed vivian.reed@csueastbay.edu

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29th April 2013 04:05:19 pm

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