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How do I search in the Knowledge Base [KB]?


CSUEB Knowledge Base

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The best way to search for articles is to use keywords rather than full sentences.

Some basic suggestions:

1) Stay away from common words (is, the, a, to) and use more unique words (BlackBoard, error, Gmail)

2) Use as few words as possible

3) By default the Knowledge Base search uses simple keyword search yielding maximum
results, but may not give the results that you want.
Using the following search operators may narrow the results:

  • The quotes "" operator around a phrase will find articles with the exact phrasing used in the quotes

"data warehouse" => will find articles with the exact phrase "data warehouse" space included

Note: Proper ordering of the keywords is most important when using this type of search.
  • Use the positive "+" operator when searching with multiple words to find articles that have all the keywords, not just one of them.

       +data +warehouse => will find articles the have both words "data" and "warehouse"

  • The negative "-" operator before a word will find articles without the keyword.

       -data => will find articles that do not have the word "data"

  • A positive "+" and negative "-" operator together can assist in refining the results further.

       +data -warehouse => will find articles that have the word "data" but not the word "warehouse"


Submitted by Hardik Shah hardik.shah@csueastbay.edu and Naman Mandli naman.mandli@csueastbay.edu

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29th August 2013 05:38:06 pm

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Hardik Shah and Naman Mandli

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