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When opening Internet Explorer 8 error pops up.



Problem or Question:

When opening Internet Explorer 8 error pops up. Error Message: "eFax Messenger Plus JSDVWSDK.DLL Cannot find this file. Please verify that the correct path and file name are given."


Internet Explorer 8.x

Microsoft Office 2010

Solution or Answer:

Uninstall eFax Messenger Plus 2.x and install latest version [eFax Messager Plus 4.3]

Note: Administrative priviledges required

Step 1. Start => Control Panel => Add and Remove Programs

Step 2. Highlight eFax Messenber Plus 2.x

Step 3. Click "Remove"

Step 4. Download eFax Messenger Plus 4.3.409 here: http://wareseeker.com/download/efax-messenger-plus-4.3.409.0.rar/1f654023a

Step 5. Install and use defaults


Installing Internet Explorer 8.x or Microsoft Office 2010 creates a .dll conflict or overwites needed .dll for eFax Messenger Plus 2.x. Does seem to cause delays in Office 2010, but not real impact other than annoying pop ups in Internet Explorer 8.x.

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26th September 2011 01:35:33 pm

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