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Problem or Question:

When saving an update to a ticket I received a message saying that another agent updated the ticket since I opened it. What should I do?



Solution or Answer:

The message that you receive:

error message.png 

means that since the time you opened the ticket for viewing, another agent viewed and updated the ticket. The most prudent thing to do is:

1. Copy the notes you just wrote up in the ticket to another document so you can refer to them later. You may also want to make note of the other agent’s NetID.
2. Click Cancel.
3. Refresh the view of your ticket so you can see what the other agent entered on the ticket.
4. If you wish, you can then add your comments to the ticket and then Update.

If you don’t Cancel:  

  • Your Comments and Work Notes will be entered into the ticket and will appear after the other agent’s comments. As the message says, “Additional Comments and Work notes will not be overwritten.” 
  • All other changes the other agent made to the ticket such as State, Tasks, Assignment Group will be overwritten by your entry.

Example -

Other Agent – Changed the Assignment Group to IT Training and entered Comments and Notes and Updates the ticket.

You – Kept the Assignment Group as the original which was Desktop and entered Comments and Notes and clicked OK instead of canceling out.

Outcome – Both Agents’ Comments and Work Notes will be in the Activity but because you were the last to save the ticket, the Assignment group of Desktop will overwrite the other agent’s assignment to IT Training.

Since changes to the other fields in the ticket may not be easily apparent, it is most prudent to contact the other agent before overwriting the ticket.

Submitted by Twinki Mistry twinki.mistry@csueastbay.edu

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25th April 2014 04:17:43 pm

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