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Problem or Question:

I want to add new items to my columns but I do not see an option to add new columns.



Solution or Answer:

To change the default columns for a list view:

1. Click the Personalize List icon in the upper left corner. A Personalize List Columns window appears.

personalize list.png 

2. Select the columns to be added or removed by clicking the column name and clicking the Add or Remove buttons. You can also change the order of the columns you have selected by selecting the column name and clicking the Up or Down buttons.

Additional Options:
a. Select Wrap Column Text to display long text on more than one line. Deselect the check box to remove text wrap.
b. Select the Compact rows to condense the vertical space between rows. Deselect the check box to use standard row spacing.
c. Select Enable list highlighting to highlight a list row as the cursor passes over it. Deselect the checkbox to remove list highlighting.
d. Select Enable list edit to allow the list editor to open for the list. Deselect to prevent the list editor from opening for the list.
e. To open the list editor with a double - click, select Double click to edit.

personalize list columns.png 

3. Click the OK button.
4. The Personalize List icon changes and becomes an Update Personalized List icon.

update personalized list.png 

To reset the list to the default layout, click the Update Personalized List icon and select the Reset to column defaults.

reset to defaults.png 


Submitted by Twinki Mistry twinki.mistry@csueastbay.edu

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25th April 2014 02:05:35 pm

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