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Change Displayed Phone Number in ServiceNow



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How can I change the phone number that appears in ServiceNow so that it shows only my work phone numbers?



Solution or Answer:

The changes must be made in MyCSUEB and will reflect in ServiceNow. In addition to your Business phone number, the number you identified as your “Preferred” phone number in MyCSUEB appears in ServiceNow.

In MyCSUEB the “Business” number is what displays in the on-line directory and this number cannot be identified as a Preferred number. However, you can set your Business phone number to be also be identified as another Phone Type and indicate that as your Preferred number. For example, you can have your “Business” number and your “Other” number to be both 510 885-5555 and indicate the “Other” number as your preferred number. To do this:

1. Log into MyCSUEB.
2. Navigate to Personal Information and select Phone numbers.
3. Click the ADD A PHONE NUMBER button.
4. Under Phone Type, select Other.
5. Under Telephone, add your preferred phone number. This can be the same as your business number.
6. Click the check box to select the number as your preferred number.
7. Click the SAVE button.

other phone number.png 


Submitted by Twinki Mistry twinki.mistry@csueastbay.edu

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24th April 2014 09:28:10 am

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