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Agent Incident Task Locate and Update an Incident Task



Problem or Question:

I was told that I was assigned a task by another team but I can’t find it.



Solution or Answer:

1. Locate the INCTASK ticket in My Groups Work.
2. Click the Assign to me button to take the Incident Task.
3. State: Change as applicable.
4. Short Description: Review the short description.

 locate incident task.png

5. Notes - Additional comments: Enter comments to the Assigning agent in this section. Note: This is not visible to the end user. The additional comments section is where the “Assigning Agent” and the “Assigned to Agent” communicate. Emails between the agents appear in the INCTASK Activity section.


6. Click the Update button.

Submitted by Twinki Mistry twinki.mistry@csueastbay.edu

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28th March 2014 04:49:16 pm

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