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Agent Create and Assign a Catalog Task for an Existing Service Request



Problem or Question:

How do I create a catalog task and assign it to another team?



Solution or Answer:

1. Open the assigned RITM ticket in which you want to create a task.


2. Notes – Additional comments: Indicate the reason you are creating a task.
3. Click Save in order to save the comments of the RITM ticket.
4. Scroll down to Catalog Task area. There will be an existing Task that relates to the original RITM ticket. Click New. A new window appears with an auto-assigned TASK number.


5. Requested for: Enter your name since you are requesting the task.
6. Configuration item: Change as applicable.
7. State: Change as applicable.
8. Assignment group: Select the group to whom the task will be assigned.
9. Assigned to: Identify a specific group member only if necessary.
10. Description: Leave original description from the Incident.
11. Short description: Enter a short description that describes the task you are assigning to the other team.


12. Variable section which includes “Request on behalf of this user” and “Provide details of your request”: Leave this information from the original requester as is.


13. Notes - Additional comments: Enter comments to the Assigning Agent in the Additional Comments section. This is where the assigning agent and the assigned group communicate with each other.
Note: These comments are not visible to the end user and do not appear in the original RITM ticket.

notes_additional comments.png 

14. Click the Update button.
15. The Requested Item window appears. And at the bottom of the window you will see the Catalog Task that you created.


16. Click Update again to get out of your ticket.


Submitted by Twinki Mistry twinki.mistry@csueastbay.edu

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