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504 Compliance Conformance to Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act that describes the civil rights of people with disabilities and contains the following statement: "No otherwise qualified person with a disability in the United States shall, solely by reason of...disability, be denied the benefits of, be excluded from participation in, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity receiving federal financial assistance."
508 Compliance Conformance to Section 508 the Rehabilitation Act requires that electronic and information technology be accessible to people with disabilities.
AA Academic Performance Report
ABA Administration & Business Affairs
ACADRESC Academic Resources and Administration
ACSEN Academic Senate
ADA The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1973 is the civil rights guarantee for persons with disabilities in the United States. The ADA upholds and extends the standards for compliance set forth in Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 to employment practices, communications, and all policies, procedures, and practices that impact the treatment of students with disabilities.
AE Art & Education
AG Agora Stage
AlertMe AlertMe is Cal State East Bay's alerting and warning service for students, staff, and faculty. It is activated to contact you when there is an immediate threat to safety or health affecting the campus community. AlertMe can alert you by phone, text message, or email--you choose the best ways to reach you. All members of the campus community are highly encouraged to participate.
ALTTRAN Alternative Transportation
ALUMNI Alumni Association
APGS Academic Programs and Graduate Studies
APR Academic Performance Report
ASI Associated Students Inc.
Assistive Technology Assistive Technology is any item, piece of equipment, product or system, whether acquired commercially or off the shelf, modified, or customized, that is used to increase, maintain, or improve functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities.
ATI Accessible Technology Initiative requires CSU campuses to provide all students, faculty, staff, and the general public with access to information resources and technology.
ATSO ATSO provides AT Assessments, training on adaptive equipment and Assistive Technology software/hardware for students with a verified disability. Please contact am ADRC counselor for AT Assessment/Training Referral at (510) 885-3868. To contact our the office for any of the above mention services, please call (510) 885-4366. An AT Assessment is an evaluation session that will allow us to match assitive technology to your specific educational needs.
AY Academic Year
Bay Card The Bay Card is CSU East Bay's campus ID card for employees and students. It identifies someone as a member of the CSU East Bay community and can be used for a variety of actives on campus. In addition to being your primary identification on campus, it is also your campus library card. It can be used to check out equipment in various departments and shown for entry at campus events.
BigFix BigFix (IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager) is a commercial software package that we use for our Central Patch and Power Management (CPPM) service. It improves our ability to keep desktops and laptops patched with the latest security updates to reduce security attacks and keep critical data on campus safe from intrusion. Do note that BigFix, CPPM, cannot handle all aspects of maintaining your computer securely, and only functions as an important element of good security practices.
Blackbaud Blackbaud is the company that provides the fundraiser and donor management software The Raiserís Edge used by University Advancement.
Blackboard Blackboard is a learning management system (LMS) that provides both a student portal and a course management system at Cal State East Bay.
Bomgar The Remote Support Assistance (RSA) utility that is used to remotely service computer requests and issues. Technicians can control remote computers, servers, smartphones and network devices over the internet or network. Using, Bomgar, a support representative can see what customers see or control their computers for support.
BS Bookstore
BUDGET Budget Office
CBE College of Business and Economics.
CBEST California Basic Educational Skills Test
CCTC California Commission on Teacher Credentialing
CE C.E. Smith Museum of Anthropology
CEAS College of Education and Allied Studies. To prepare collaborative leaders, committed to professional excellence, social justice and democracy, who will influence a diverse and interconnected world.
CLASS College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences http://www20.csueastbay.edu/class/
CPPM: Central Patch and Power Management (CPPM) This uses the BigFix tool and service to keep desktops and laptops patched with the latest security updates, in order to reduce security attacks and keep critical data on campus safe from intrusion. CPPM also provides a power management function that allows ITS to setup policies to save power for the campus community where appropriate.
CSCI College of Science
Data Warehouse This can refer to the Finance Data Warehouse where the HR Compensation, Web Transfers, Financial Reports & Queries are housed or to the SA Data Warehouse where the Student Administration reports are held.
DCIE Division of Continuing and International Education Division (DCIE). DCIE is a wholly self-supporting unit that develops and markets its own programs, administers its schedules and registers and enrolls students without general fund support. The departments and auxiliaries under the DCIE umbrella are: Continuing Education; International Education, such as the American Language Program* and Center for International Education; the Oakland Professional Development Center; and the administrative and development teams in charge of the University's Online Education programs.
Dragon Naturally Speaking Dragon Naturally Speaking works with the most commonly used desktop applications, including Microsoft Word, Internet Explorer, AOL and more! Just about anything you do now by typing can be done faster using your voice. Create and edit documents or emails. Open and close applications. Control your mouse and entire desktop.
East Bay Replay A lecture capturing system which allows instructors to have their lectures recorded and posted automatically on Blackboard for student review. Assistance and information about East Bay Replay for Faculty is available in the MATS office in LI 2800.
EDLD Educational Leadership
eFAF Electronic Faculty Appointment Form used to request of Tenure Track Faculty appointments or change of employment status.
EL El Dorado Hall
Email List Electronic mailing lists (also known as distribution lists or discussion groups) offer a highly efficient way to disseminate information to a large number of people. At CSUEB we use Mailman Mailing List Manager.
ENGR Engineering
EOP Educational Opportunity Program
EPSY Educational Psychology
eSAF Electronic Staff Appointment Form used to request staff appointments or change of employment status.
eSARF CSUEB's Electronic System Access Request Form (eSARF) is used to manage requests to access many of the systems and applications found on campus. The eSARF application allows: * Managers, supervisors, and employees to submit requests for their faculty, staff, student assistants and others to access University systems. * Data stewards to designate and approve access levels. * The Information Security Officer (ISO) to authorize access. * Account stewards to assign and implement access that has been approved. The eSARF application is also used to provide a record of all phases of the data access process and to comply with requirements of auditors who conduct security reviews.
FERPA The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a training that needs to be completed by CSU employees.
Finance Data Warehouse Where the HR Compensation, Web Transfers, Financial Reports & Queries are housed.
FootPrints FootPrints, by Numara Software, is online Service Desk ticketing system.
GoogleApps Google Apps is suite of services for staff and faculty that includes Gmail and contacts, Google Calendar, Google Talk (a chat function), Google Docs and Google Sites.
HC Student Health Center
HIPAA Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a training course that must be completed by employees who need access to systems that contain medical records. For example: MediCat.
Horizon E-Mail Cal State East Bay is partnering with Google to provide each student with a free e-mail account. Your account may be accessed using your Net ID and password.
HR Human Resources
HRSA Human Resources Student Administration
Incident An Incident is unplanned interruption to an IT Service or reduction in the quality of an IT service.
ITIL The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a set of concepts and practices for Information Technology Services Management (ITSM), Information Technology (IT) development and IT operations.
JAWS Job Access With Speech (JAWS) is a software program for visually impaired users. Its purpose is to make personal computers using Microsoft Windows accessible to blind and visually impaired users. It accomplishes this by providing the user with access to the information displayed on the screen via text-to-speech and allows for comprehensive keyboard interaction with the computer.
Kurzweil is the comprehensive reading, writing and learning software solution for any struggling reader, including individuals with learning difficulties, such as dyslexia, attention deficit disorder or those who are English Language Learners.
LecShare Assistive technology software that assists in making Microsoft PowerPoint presentations more accessible by adding audio and converts presentations into QuickTime movies, MPEG-4 Video files (Video Podcasts), Accessible HTML, and Microsoft Word documents.
LI University Library
List Administrator/Owner List Administrator inherently is a Moderator in a moderated list. However, List Administrators are not automatically members of the list and must be added. There may be more than one List Administrators for the list. Each list must have an owner who is responsible for configuration, maintenance and operation of the list. The list owner may establish other owners, and may optionally have others take roles such as moderating the discussion or managing subscription requests. List owners may execute commands for their subscribers including adding and deleting subscribers.
List Moderator List moderators are optional. They are assigned by the owners and can manage list subscriptions and postings.
M.B. Mega Bytes
Mailman System Administrator A system administrator is responsible for the operation of the Mailman list server on which many lists reside. Administration tasks include installation and maintenance of the software and the computers where Mailman runs as well as creation and deletion of the individual lists. The system administrator is also entitled to act as the list owner of any mailing list on the server.
Massmail CSUEB email distribution list is to be used exclusively for official university business. This includes publicity for university sponsored activities, staff and faculty organizational announcements, and notification of availability of university services and resources.
MB Music Building
MI Meiklejohn Hall
MOOC MOOC: Massive Open Online Course is a type of online course aimed at large-scale participation and open access via the web
MPP Management Personnel Plan
MyCSUEB Your online student self-service system designed to help you conduct your official business interactions with Cal State East Bay. Inside MyCSUEB Student Center you will find:
NetID Student, Staff, Faculty, and Alumni identification number. With your NetID, you will be able to register online through Continuing Education as well as access numerous University services.
PAYRL Payroll
PCCP Procurement Credit Card Program. Currently our credit card is offered through U.S. Bank.
PDF Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format created by Adobe Systems for document exchange.
PDF Transformer Assistive technology software that assists in making PDF files more accessible.
PDF2Office Personal Assistive technology software for Macs that converts PDF documents into fully editable Microsoft Word format recreating the intended construction and layout of the document.
PE Physical Education & Gym
PEMSA Planning, Enrollment Management, and Student Affairs.
PeopleSoft Enterprise resource planning software. CSUEB has implemented most of the HR, Finance, and Student Administration modules.
Project Totals display box Open = Open tickets within your team Active = Active tickets within your team Closed = Closed tickets within your team Request = This will always display zero, all the system tickets start at Open Internal Solution = Future use for Knowledge Base (currently has training documents attached). Solution = Future use for Knowledge Base
Pulse Pen The Pulse Pen records as you write and links it to audio so that you donít miss what is being said in lectures or meetings. To hear what you recorded on paper just tap on what you wrote. You can transfer your notes and recordings to your computer to play them back by downloading the software to your desktop.
Raiserís Edge Blackbaud fundraiser and donor management software used by University Advancement.
RAW Recreation and Wellness Center
Remote Captioning For hearing impaired students loaner laptops are setup for real time captioning of in-class lectures. The audio of an in-class lecture is sent to a remote captioner via the internet (VOIP), who in turn sends the transcript via Instant Messaging.
Remote Support Assistance-(RSA) Remote Support Assistance (RSA) is utility that is used to remotely service computer requests and issues. Technicians can see what customer see or control their computers for support.
SA Student Administration
SA Data Warehouse Where the Student Administration reports are held.
SC-N Science Building - North
SC-S Science Building - South
SCAA Student Center for Academic Achievement
SCO State Controller's Office
Section 508 A section of the Rehabilitation Act requires that electronic and information technology be accessible to people with disabilities.
Sections 504 A section of the Rehabilitation Act that describes the civil rights of people with disabilities and contains the following statement: "No otherwise qualified person with a disability in the United States shall, solely by reason of...disability, be denied the benefits of, be excluded from participation in, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity receiving federal financial assistance."
Service Desk The single point-of-contact for accessing IT services and support. To make a request, log in with your NetID and password below, and your ticket will be automatically routed to the appropriate ITS support team.
SHS Student Health Services
Singularity (aka Starrs) is the document imaging, archival and retrieval system used by various departments on campus
SPARK Instant messaging client used on campus along with GoogleTalk.
Status Definitions Six status levels, brief definitions below, 1. Open--Not assigned to any particular group. Waiting for SD agent to respond or assign. 2.Assigned-Assigned to a team. 3.Responded-Field Agent acknowledged the ticket and/or contacted the customer. 4.In Progress-Working on the issue 5.Pending-Waiting for something to happen before they can complete the request. 6.Work Completed-Request is completed 7.Closed-All subtasks and main requests have been completed for five business days. Ticket cannot be reopened.
STEM The latest initiative from the Chancellorís Office Center for Community Engagement: ďService Learning Transforming Educational Models in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)Ē
STLF Student Life Programs
Subscriber A subscriber is someone who has subscribed to a list, receives messages posted to the list, and may also post messages for distribution to the list if permitted. Who may post, and how it is done, may be controlled by the list owners. A subscriber has no administrative power over list operation but can change a few of his or her own subscription settings. For example, a subscriber can decide to receive message "digests" rather than individual postings.
Support Reps and Notifications Tab The section to choose the team or FA the request should be assigned to. This is also where you would enter anyone else who needs to be cc:íd regarding this request.
TH University Theater
Townhall Division meetings.
TS Telephone services
UPBND Upward Bound Program
UPD University Police Department
USS User Support Services
UU University Union
VCL Virtual Computing Lab is a remote access service that allows users to reserve a computer with a desired set of applications and remotely access it over the Internet. This expands the possibilities of using software needed for classes beyond the physical labs on campus. This service is powered by the Apache Software Foundation's Virtual Computing Lab (VCL) software. Some of the more popular software available at this time are SPSS, Office , SAS, MiniTab.
VDI Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is an alternative desktop delivery model that is managed centrally and provides users with a desktop environment that can be accessed on campus via the campus network or off campus via the Internet using a computer or by a simple terminal. After log-in the desktop and applications are delivered as needed.
VPN Virtual Private Network allows users to access their campus computer from a remote location via a secure connection on the internet.
WA Warren Hall
WebCTRL WebCTRL is a web-based application that allows Facilities to control and monitor Heat/AC/Fans, and power use across campus. Using WEBCTRL, Facilities can set and change schedules; adjust set-points and other control properties; graphically trend important building conditions; view and acknowledge alarms; and run standard and custom reports on energy usage.
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